Strategic Notes for Democrats

Despite the perversions of the 2016 election cycle, there remain lessons to be learned as Democrats prepare for the crucial midterm elections and beyond.

The GOP has exploited the uneducated for some time, but Trump emotionally appealed to this group, inciting fear, anger and blame.

These are people who have been conned. Some are realizing it. Welcome them to #TheResistance without judgement or ridicule.

Democrats made the mistake of relying on the electorate to make rational decisions. We thought Trump couldn’t win, because no reasonable person would support him.

While Clinton diligently put out policy proposals, Trump literally babbled nonsense at his rallies, but the vulnerable felt validated.

This election broke along education levels. We can work on stemming fake news and misinformation but, ultimately, we have to reach out to that 46%.

We need to simplify our message, translate it to the working class, empathize, distinguish from Trump's GOP through positive emotions-hope, not fear.

We need to unite and understand the strategy for progress. Partisan politics must acknowledge the spectrum of a general election.

Change happens in increments. A centrist void will be left after this election-we need to be ready to fill that.

Position down-ballot progressives in blue states as change-makers as we move the needle away from the GOP platform.

Ultimately, Democrats, be prepared for hard work. #TheResistance is just the beginning. We also have a party and a country to heal.