Misogynistic MRA Bob Chipman Cries Male Tears Over All-Female GhostBusters

Rachel Banks
May 18, 2016 · 2 min read

Another day, another right-wing reactionary crying about the new Ghostbusters movie. This time it’s Men’s Rights Activist Bob Chipman.

The latest installment of the misogynistic backlash began when well-known bigot James Rolfe (AKA “The Angry Video Game Nerd”) began spewing his sexist bile in a video on his Cinemassacre YouTube channel.

The condemnation of Rolfe’s anti-women views was swift and fierce, particularly from good male allies like Devin Faraci and Patton Oswalt.

But while feminists across the internet were openly distainful of Rolfe’s remarks, Bob “Redpill” Chipman was fulsome in his support.

Translation: “I pretty much agree that women shouldn’t be viewed as human beings.”
Translation: “It’s okay to hate women.”
Translation: “I’m not like those other guys. I just agree with them 100%”

Thankfully Jen Yamoto (one of my favorite writers) was on hand to call Bob out on his problematic sexist bullshit.

But instead of checking his privilege and apologizing, Bob doubled down and began mansplaining.

Translation: “Shut up little lady. The men are talking.”
Translation: “See, this has nothing to do with sexism. It’s just a coincidence that we’re talking about this now.”

Bob later attempted damage control over his earlier anti-woman rhetoric but only succeeded in making himself look like even more of a whiney and entitled manbaby than we had originally given him credit for.

Translation: “I’m not a sexist. Honest!”
Translation: “I’m not sexist, but…”

In a final act of indignity, Bob smeared his ideological enemies as “sexist-haters” (as if that were an insult).

Yes Bob, us “sexist-haters” do exist. We hate sexists like you and we will remain active in this “shitshow” as long as you continue your misogynistic hate-campaign against this movie.

Masculinity so fragile.

Rachel Banks

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Intersectional Feminist and Pop Culture Critic