The Things We Teach Girls- NaPoWriMo 1

Image via Pexels

we teach girls:
don’t walk home alone at night
tell someone where you’re going
walk with a male friend
don’t go home alone with a man

watch your drinks
don’t accept drinks from strange men
watch your friend’s drinks
don’t drink alcohol

listen to music so nobody will bother you
don’t let yourself be caught unawares
make yourself bigger, more intimidating
shrink yourself, don’t attract attention

don’t wear short skirts/high heels/revealing dresses
don’t flirt, its leading him on
don’t be rude, he just wants to talk to you
don’t look like you’re asking for it

don’t get raped

we don’t teach boys:
don’t follow girls home
 don’t spike anyone’s drink
you’re not entitled to a woman’s attention
no means fucking no

don’t rape

we don’t teach girls:
it’s not your fault

This piece came from a draft I’ve been updating regularly of all the things we tell girls to do in order to not get raped. The things that are ingrained in us as women to do in order to stop ourselves from becoming a victim. We teach them its their fault for not following these rules if they do get raped. When what we don’t teach girls is that the one thing that causes rape is rapists.

As April is National Poetry Writing Month I’m going to try and post a new a poem each day. Catch up here.