Weeping Angel

image via Pexels

My heart is
straining against my rib cage
I clutch my chest 
try and hold it together
Stop it from coming undone
and ripping into a thousand pieces

The strangest thing of all 
is that I have no idea why 
it feels like someone
plunged their fingers into my chest
and squeezed my heart until it broke

nothing has happened to
make it feel like that
i’m content

have I forgotten a heartache?
or having premonitions 
of what is yet to come
my mind is telling me 
a storm is oncoming

my body folds in on itself
trying to hug together
what hasn’t even been destroyed

why am I crying?

It’s safe to say this period has been the most difficult one in long while. The pain has been horrendous and the hormones have sent my anxiety through the roof. This was a product of a day in bed and then being denied wine last night. It’s no coincidence that this will also hopefully be my last period before my hysterectomy. The finality of it all is providing me with a variety of emotions that I don’t have the energy to work through right now.