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Rachel Charlton-Dailey is a freelance opinions writer whose by-lines include Huffington Post, the i Paper and Hello Giggles. She is currently a contributing blogger for Metro UK and Story Corner Editor at The Nopebook.

Rachel is an angry, bisexual, feminist and unsurprisingly Ravenclaw. At the age of 27 Rachel elected to have a hysterectomy and live tweeted the experience. Her first poetry collection Phoenix: Notes on Rebirth is out at the end of 2017.

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Metro UK

I currently blog for Metro UK on a regular basis, see more

The Nopebook

I am currently Story Corner Editor at The Nopebook and a regular contributor. Pitch me / Read more

The i Paper

Huffington Post UK


Hello Giggles

The Establishment

Ask Me About My Uterus

I was deputy editor and a regular contributor of the reproductive health blog, with a regular series about my hysterectomy battle

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Rachel Charlton-Dailey

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Angry feminist writer type. Journalism student. One woman pockets revolution. Bi, disabled, nerd.

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