CPA Rachel Daddesio of Montgomery Discusses New Methods of Teaching Ethics to Accounting Students

Rachel Daddesio Montgomery (10)
Rachel Daddesio Montgomery (10)

CPA Rachel Daddesio of Montgomery recently offered new methods of teaching ethics to accounting students.

Ethics are some of the most important lessons taught to accounting students. However, accounting educators like Rachel Daddesio of Montgomery have explained that these methods appear to be outdated in several ways. The CPA and assurance professional recently offered several new methods for teaching ethics to accounting students.

“For decades, accounting educators have used the ethical decision-making model to teach important ethics lessons to students,” Rachel Daddesio of Montgomery said. …

Rachel Daddesio (10)
Rachel Daddesio (10)

CPA Rachel Katherine Daddesio Discusses Several Ways to Boost Your Accounting Business’ Momentum Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic

Montgomery, TX / Businesses small and large around the country have taken major hits due to the coronavirus pandemic. This is especially true for businesses in the financial sector, such as accounting and financial management consulting firms. However, financial experts like Rachel Katherine Daddesio explain that your business doesn’t have to lose all of that momentum it was gaining before the pandemic hit. …

Rachel Daddesio (1)
Rachel Daddesio (1)

The CARES Act was signed into law in March of 2020, in the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal was to implement a package that would help businesses and citizens of the United States continue through the economic and health crisis caused by the pandemic. CPA Rachel Katherine Daddesio recently discussed how the CARES Act will provide tax relief this year.

First, Rachel Katherine Daddesio discussed the rebate checks that were provided for individuals across the country, whether or not their 2019 returns had been filed. The amounts provided were based on the filing status of the individual, whether…

CPA Rachel Daddesio recently discussed how making charitable contributions during the pandemic can affect your finances

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically affected the finances of individuals and businesses. These major changes have made Certified Public Accountants, like CPA Rachel Daddesio, some of the best resources for ensuring your finances are stable and understanding important tax information. Rachel Daddesio recently explained how charitable contributions, and the deductions individuals can make, have changed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Many citizens are unaware that the CARES Act, signed into law just a few months ago, made some major changes to the rules regarding…

Montgomery, TX / The coronavirus pandemic turned life upside down in a matter of days at the beginning of 2020. Millions of people quickly became unemployed, schools went online, restaurants closed, and life as we formerly knew it seemed like a distant memory. Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Rachel Daddesio of Montgomery recently explained that income tax payments and refunds have been greatly disrupted as well.

Financial Reporting and COVID-19: How Rachel Katherine Daddesio Maintains Excellent Customer Service During a Pandemic

Since the beginning of her career, Rachel Katherine Daddesio has always been up for a challenge. After all, financial reporting and internal audits aren’t exactly easy tasks. Still, when the COVID-19 pandemic reached the Montgomery community, Rachel knew she was facing her biggest career challenge yet. The pandemic took the world by surprise, and Rachel, like everyone else, had to adjust to what many people now call the “new normal.” …

Rachel Katherine Daddesio Montgomery (1)
Rachel Katherine Daddesio Montgomery (1)

When things are rough, being self-sustaining for an extended period is deeply important. Rachel Daddesio of Montgomery explains why being a going concern is vital.

With how the coronavirus has affected businesses across the world, especially in the United States, many businesses are questioning whether they can continue with their status as a going concern, being able to be self-sustaining until this blows over. Rachel Daddesio of Montgomery discusses how things are going for businesses, as well as some safeguards which may be implemented to help them out.

Rachel Katherine Daddesio Montgomery (1)
Rachel Katherine Daddesio Montgomery (1)

Businesses need to have insurance for financial protection. They depend on the coverage to take care of problems as they happen. Rachel Daddesio , a Certified Public Accountant warns that many commercial insurance projects aren’t getting the job done.

Within the pandemic, business owners are having to learn the hard way that their insurance policies didn’t cover everything. The verbiage of “pandemic” isn’t included in most policies. It’s leaving businesses vulnerable to issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Rachel Daddesio explains.

One of the issues that Rachel Daddesio has seen is not being able to use their business interruption service…

Rachel Daddesio Montgomery
Rachel Daddesio Montgomery

Rachel Daddesio of Montgomery — Is There Anything She Doesn’t Do?

Rachel Daddesio’s skills cannot be underestimated. In today’s business world it’s not enough to be an accountant. When Rachel Daddesio of Montgomery became an exceptional assurance professional she added a cadre of administrative, business analysis, as well as project management skills to her certified public accountant credentials. This is what Rachel Daddesio of Montgomery brings to the table.

Rachel Daddesio of Montgomery Has The Confidence of Her Clientele

When they learn that she is in charge of their audit, her clientele is rest assured that their project is in…

The reason for an internal audit is to shine a light on the red flags. It’s easier to identify the issues and follow the trail to determine who or what is responsible for them. In some instances, it is an administrative error. In some instances, it is because of not having sufficient protocol in place. Then, as Rachel Daddesio explains, it may be that someone was given the “keys to the kingdom.” They didn’t have any oversight in place, and, therefore, they thought that they could commit fraud and get away with it.

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