Put Down Your Phone

How comfortable are you sitting (or standing) by yourself without your phone?

One of the four components of Presence is SPACE — your awareness of it, interaction with it, and ability to claim it and hold it for yourself and your audience.

Over the past several generations, though, our sense of space has shrunk down to almost nothing.

Back when our great-great-grandparents were plowing fields, they took the concept of space for granted. But with each technological step forward, our space bubbles have contracted.

Nowadays, most people are only aware of and interacting with the 12 inches of space between their eyeballs and their phone screens. Our bubbles have gotten so small, there’s no room for people.

If you want to have “Presence” at work, in a job interview, in your community, or wherever, you must open up your sense of space and learn to be at ease in it.

You can only have Presence in the space you claim.

Change your communication, change your life.

I’m Rachel Beohm, a writer, speaker, and coach. Through nonverbal communication, I empower clients to show up as their biggest, boldest selves.

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