Goodbye Medium, Hello Univision

Univision's Newsport in Miami.

Today is my last day working at Medium, where I've been for two stints: first as an editorial intern in the fall, and then on contract as international audience manager since February. On Monday, I'm starting a full-time position as a journalist and editor at Univision.

I’ve loved working at Medium, but I’m incredibly excited to start with Univision, where I’m going to have the opportunity to work on the new English-language digital team led by David Adams, covering and working on issues in my wheelhouse including Latin America and immigration. I can't wait to work with the super-talented larger digital team led by Borja Echevarría, as well as with UnivisionBeta, which is experimenting with innovative ways to do journalism.

I’m thrilled that I’m going to get to work for a big media organization that really cares about its viewers and readers, and that I'll be able to use my Spanish and Portuguese language skills on a daily basis. And I’m happy to put my new Master’s degree to work by doing journalism as a service.

At Medium and my career in general, I've spent a lot of time thinking about ways to better connect English-speaking audiences to global issues and to stories in other languages. In the fall, I helped with the Ghost Boat investigation, which was unlike anything I've ever done before — trying to find out the fate of 243 refugees in the Mediterranean who disappeared — using a combination of traditional reporting and crowd-powered journalism. I also launched and ran a crowdsourced series on immigration.

And in my most recent position, I launched and ran Medium International, a publication spotlighting the best stories on Medium in translation.

I had the opportunity to interview people doing incredible work on Medium in other languages, including Aos Fatos' Tai Nalon, 140journos' Engin Onder, UNICEF's Christine Nesbitt Hills, and Efecto Cocuyo's Luz Mely Reyes. I got to translate the work of wonderful writers and journalists, including Aglaia Berlutti, Cecília Olliveira, Leandro Demori, and El Estornudo's Francys Romero. And I was able to tap into important conversations happening on the platform and IRL, from Obama’s historic trip to Cuba to sexual harassment in Mexico to Venezuela’s crisis to Italy’s LGBTQ rights debate.

Plus, I was introduced to some fantastic writers around the world, including Cachivache, Verità per Giulio, Expost, plus55, Hilal Isler, Damjan Cvetkov-Dimitrov, VoxEurop, Sébastien Gobert, and many others. And I got to work every day with the wonderful Luke Esterkyn and the international team scattered around the globe.

I leave Medium International in the safe hands of Medium's wonderful language editors, who will keep the publication going with more of the great content happening on the platform. I'm really proud of what I've built in a short period of time.

Also, next month my husband and I are leaving New York and moving to Miami. But that's for a whole other post.