Working From Home is Never Worth It
Rosamund Lannin

So what is your solution?

Frankly, I love that I do my work from home. (Granted, I work for myself completely because it’s a business that I’ve started.)

When I was an employee with a commute and zero possibility to work

from home, life had to fit into free pockets allotted to me by my boss. Now I can see my husband on his days off, not worry about having to cover for people on FMLA, can get my work done while out of town. It’s fantastic.

If you need to set up a separate home office space in your home to create balance, do it!

If you need to work from an office to feel sane, do it!

It’s your life and it’s too short to spend it bored and anxious when you have the luxury to change your own life.