Branding Must Be The #1 Priority For Your Business

Discover Why Personal Branding is SO Important it MUST Be the Top Priority For Your Business.Within this article we consider why personal branding is important and what elements create an effective personal brand.

So, why IS personal branding so important?

Personal branding is the most powerful success and business building tool ever devised.

Within our next article we look at some of the attributes that are commonly evidenced in great personal brands.

Why is Brand Image so important?

Why does someone’s perception of our personal brand matter? In less than a minute, we have made an indelible impression. In those first few seconds of connecting, a person makes up their mind about us.

They decide whether they:

• like us

• trust us

• want to spend time us, and

• want to do business with us

In fact, research indicates that sixty-seven percent of first impressions are accurate. Is your first impression an accurate reflection of your personal brand?

A person’s first impression is more important than a combination of their next five or six encounters with us. This highlights the importance of accurate first impressions and having a clear understanding of how the psychology of a first impression works. We will discuss this further when we detail the Halo and Horn Effect.

The message is simple. We are the product — and our fate may be sealed before we’ve even said a word. We are “seen” and “judged” in an instant. From our image, people determine our apparent level of:

• ability

• success

• credibility

• sophistication

• self-confidence

• self-esteem

• education

• seniority

• social and moral values

• social standing

• charisma

• authority

You may say, “People should not judge me by the way I look on the outside. It’s about my abilities and attitude.” This is a nice idea, but the fact is that you also judge everyone you meet by the way they look, too. The first impression is believed even if it’s not true.

Why? Because we all like to be … right! And we like the comfort that being right brings into our lives. After all, we are in control.

We often hear that it doesn’t matter what other people think.

Are you too vain to care? Apparently, it’s not your business what others think about you. Maybe that’s true. But your reputation is your most precious commodity.

You must be concerned about the way you look and appear to others.

You must be concerned about what people say and think about you.

You should be concerned about earning and keeping the esteem and respect of the important people in your life.

It has been said that everything you do is carried out to earn the respect of people who you respect, or at least to not lose their respect.

Everyone judges by the visual images presented to them. Personal success relies largely on our ability to communicate … you can express your potential quietly and effectively without saying a word.

Your personal brand is a reflection of what you’re capable of.


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