A victory for the Independence school district

Tuesday, voters in Independence, Missouri voted on approving a no tax increase bond that would ultimately effect the Independence School District. The bond will be used to renovate and expand existing schools and to build a new elementary school to deal with overcrowding.

Because of refinancing a plan that lowers interest rates for $135 million in previous bonds over the last six years this comes at no tax increase for Independence residents.

On Sunday community members met at Cassell park where the new elementary school will be built for a small rally and get out the vote canvass.

Nearly 85 percent of Independence voters voted “YES” on the no tax increase bond. Undoubtedly a large margin of victory for the school district.

As for when these plans start to take action, it’s unclear but teachers who’s classrooms have been located in trailers next to schools have already begin to joke about it.

Independence School District superintendent Dr. Dale Herl thanked supporters Tuesday night on his Twitter page and PR Director Jana Corrie said, “ I am so proud to be part of this amazing community! Thank you, thank you for sending this resounding message YES we support our schools!”