William Chrisman Teacher of The Year

If you search every classroom at William Chrisman high school you will find a teacher who is enthusiastic, patient, and has high expectations.

But you will also find teachers like Jason Grubb who go above and beyond in every aspect. He believes that the potential of his students is limitless. Mr. Grubb is the teacher that everyone wishes they had because his spirit and passion for teaching. I know because I was crazy enough (kidding) to sign up for three of his classes.

I have to admit, sometimes I’m difficult but ESPECIALLY if you have me for a government class. Mr. Grubb, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry for all of the times I’ve ruined your lessons by telling everyone the point of it before you could. Your effort and sometimes awkward analogies are appreciated and they do not go unnoticed.

I found out that Mr. Grubb was William Chrisman’s Teacher of The Year before he did and when I ran to his room to congratulate him he told me that he did not deserve it. Although he remains humble, I’m here to tell him that he does for the support he gives his students in and outside of his classroom. After school you will find him coaching tennis, supporting the football and basketball players at their games or even at a school musical. Mr. Grubb is respected not only by his peers but by his students as well.

To him it doesn’t matter what your race, religion, social status, or political stance is because your opinion matters. He understands what it means to have civic responsibility, he knows the importance of education, and repeatedly he inspires his students with his dedication and commitment to seeing them succeed. In my honest opinion, people (no matter the age) don’t come any better than Jason Grubb and I am so proud and am a better person for having have the chance to know him.

Thank you, Mr Grubb your enthusiasm is contagious.

Sorry in advance for embarrassing you.