Let’s Get Lost: Tango Lessons For Business

“Tango is a conversation,” says Joan. “The most intimate kind.”

Brian leans in. “It’s all about breathing. You must be in sync. He breathes. She breathes. He steps. She steps. It’s like ice skating.”

“You’ve got to be present.” Joan nods. “You can’t think about anything else.”

There I am, in the distance. With Brian. The man who danced on ships, once upon a time. My first awkward spin. Dressed for a networking event I never found. Even after wandering the streets of Venice.

The tango music spilled from the Electric Lodge. I drew near as if hypnotized.

There is an engineer who helps children build robots, a criminal psychiatrist, a man who invented a chair that raked in millions.

There is the drapery of slender female arms, the sweep of hip, the wink of strappy dance shoes in the dim strobed light.

So, too, in entrepreneurship. We must be present. Deeply present. Not anticipating. Being in sync. Always leading. Lightly. Steadily. With a powerful story frame.

So, too, we as entrepreneurs, we must entertain. By being open to surprise. The random delight of mistakes. Of wrong turns. Of unexpected adventures. Of novelty.

Elena sits next to me.

“You’re fearless,” she says. About how I simply came in to the milonga. Entered the adventure.

“Tango is a story,” she says. “Always about loss. Loss of love, loss of youth, loss of life…loss of a horse! That’s tango.”

We watch the couples circle the floor. So much intimacy. Connection.

“The dance lasts three minutes. Who needs a boyfriend when you have tango?” She laughs. Utterly charming. Regal. Warm.

Only a few days ago I dreamed of tango.

Today I finished thirty days of meditation on focus.

The goal?

That elusive blend of flow and focus. When we embody our business.

The deep tango.