Swipes Stands Up for DACA

Swipe Out Hunger is a national program ending hunger college campuses around the US. On a campus like UCLA, we provide food insecure students 10 meal credits a quarter. At the same time, because of limited access to other services, undocumented students get 30 of these warm, healthy dining hall meals.

As I think about the repercussions of ending #DACA I wonder how will we find these DREAMers if we don’t have a way for these students to enroll? How will they pursue their education and then careers without essential supportive services? The cruel actions of this administration are attempting to stop Swipes, a program my friends and I started as young idealistic students, from providing basic meals to the most inspiring students on campus. The actions of this administration are leaving the 100,000 DREAMers just in Los Angeles in the dark about a future they’ve worked tirelessly to build. We find solace in the dozens of universities, cities and organizations that have stood up against this immoral action. Swipe Out Hunger will continue to take on the responsibility of holding our DREAMers up, especially as our federal government collapses in its role.

Rachel Sumekh

Founder and Executive Director

Photo by Amy Dixon for the Daily Bruin