Ch 1 Blog Post

Does objectivity exist?

I don’t think there is a such thing as true objectivity. We as humans will always have strong beliefs and opinions about certain things, and these will always influence our writing in some way or other. The book gives an example of how the Roman Catholic Church and Planned Parenthood have differing opinions on abortion, and so anything either side would write on the topic would have a bias. However, objectivity can exist to a certain extent, and a good journalist needs to be able to be objective as much as possible. This would mean reporting all the facts of something and not trying to put your own twist on it.

Because journalists want their story to seem credible and want people to think they only report the complete truth, they often will not report the limits of their research. They think if people knew they couldn’t present complete research on a story, the story wouldn’t seem as believable. But if journalists don’t try to be completely perfect and they admit that they do make mistakes, some readers might be less critical of today’s journalists.

Accuracy and Fairness vs. Bias:

Journalists need to strive to be accurate and fair in the issue they are reporting and to not have a bias one way or other. Accuracy in reporting includes spelling everything correctly and writing quotes exactly the way they were quoted. Fairness is similar to accuracy, but not exactly the same. Fairness means making sure you do enough research to have all the facts to fairly represent all angles of a story while not showing favor to one side.

It is important also to make sure you aren’t biased one way or another in your stories. Many journalists can be biased toward novelty and conflict, so they may omit what they consider boring facts or bend the story so it seems like there’s more conflict than what is actually going on.

Changing World of Journalism/Role in Society:

Journalism has changed rapidly in recent years. Journalism used to include only print media, especially newspapers, but with emerging technology, journalism has expanded to include all kinds of online media. Now journalists not only need to be able to write articles, but also need to be able to take and edit videos, be in front of the camera, and edit content online.