News Story II Reflection

I wrote my News Story II on College for a Weekend (CFAW) at Liberty. I did some research on what was going on during CFAW and then wrote down some questions to ask guests visiting Liberty.

One thing I learned while writing this news story was how to incorporate quotes from different people into the same story. It’s important to be able to transition between different quotes so you aren’t simply jumping from one quote to the next.

I spent some time researching different events going on during CFAW to make my list in my news story. It was interesting to me to find out everything going on during CFAW because I had two friends staying with me, and I was able to tell them all about the event.

A challenge I came across was submitting the project in time, because of the date of CFAW. The project was due on Friday afternoon, and CFAW didn’t start until Thursday evening, which meant I could not finish my project during the week because I had to wait a while before I had a CFAW guest to interview.

Another one of the challenges I faced was finding a time to interview my CFAW guests, as CFAW is a very busy time and everyone seems to be running everywhere at once. A challenge of CFAW itself was finding seats in the ROT.

I had fun learning to use Adobe Spark. It was fairly easy to learn how to use it, and there were a lot of different options for putting your story together, such as photos, a header photo, slideshows, and videos.

Our class has used the inverted pyramid style before, but I learned more about it as I was writing this story. For example, I got some practice using the inverted pyramid to put events in order of the most importance while still making the story flow.

I also enjoyed using the inverted pyramid to write about events that had actually happened. I learned more about gathering information for stories since this was our first story writing about something where we had to find our own information.