You Are Not a Brand. . .
Kelli Russell Agodon

Hi Kelli,

As a writer myself (five books out, one is #1 on the Women’s Poetry list right now on Amazon so BELIEVE ME, my poet’s heart feels you deeply here), I have to gently disagree. Branding and marketing are essential to discovery — I’m sorry, I am, but it’s true.

With almost twenty years of marketing behind me (in Big Pharma — recovered now, thanks), I wear two hats now — the creative writer hat, and the book consultant, book marketer, imprint director hat (since 2011). Those who don’t have a clear idea of what their brand is are fish out of water. That said, it’s really not that complicated — connecting with readers is what our ultimate goal is truly (not spamming ‘buy my book!’ links at them because, no). Your platform is how you do that — call it pretty blue toenails if that makes you happier :).

I find that creative people who reject the notion of marketing and branding still want to be read — ultimately, it’s about visibility. That’s why you need to do SOMETHING.

*I still can’t believe you said thang, poet girl.* xoxo

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