How Photoshop is Ruining our Body Image

Check out these celebrities (who are gorgeous, btw, but photoshop themselves for their own Instagram accounts). I mean, a size 0 model makes herself even skinnier. Yikes.

Most people don’t know how COMMON it is for celebrities, Instagram stars, heck even your average person to photoshop themselves for their social media accounts.

Let’s show REALITY.

I wanted to show you what you can do with your face in less than a minute using the Meitupic app on my phone. I got rid of the dark circles, smoothed out my face, even made my eyes bigger! I made my face thinner, my belly flatter, trimmed down my thighs, lifted my booty, and made myself taller! Crazy, right?!

SO, next time you compare yourself to the beautiful people of Instagram, stop it! Most of the time they’re just showing an illusion–not what they really look like.

I want you to watch this video from Cassey Ho, the creator of Blogilates. She often had people criticize her for not being ‘perfect’, for being too ‘fat’ to be a fitness professional. INSANE.

Perfection is unattainable–be YOU. You are fearfully and wonderfully made

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