My opinion on Wikitribune

Journalism is a resource for citizens to participate in the politics and culture of society. In democratic societies, a free press is seen as an essential part of democratic governance. Nevertheless, to some extent, it is just an expectation in the reality. Everyone has the right to express their opinion in Wikipedia, it’s a good platform but the fact-checking efforts become entwined with partisan politics. It’s not “they don’t hear me”, but “they just don’t believe you”. What on earth the fact is?

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales launches Wikitribune, a large-scale attempt to combat fake news. As far as I am concerned, it’s a good idea but how effectively it works could be doubted. The reasons are as followed.

1. A crowd goes to figure out the problem in journalism is a good thing. However, the Wikitribune page’s goal is to hire only 10 journalists, the checking effect of such a small group members could be doubted.

2. The default amount is $10 a month and users can donate any amount they wish. But how many people are willing to bearing the cost to know the truth? Do they really care about it? The cost of access increase a little bit to some extent.

3. The Wikipedia is not able to get rid of the influence of government. Then how can a quite similar new tool Wikitribune has the power to achieve the goal?

4. Although it is different from Wikipedia in many aspects, its users are still people who live in the Internet, which has not much difference. And sometimes it’s not the tools matters but how people use the tools matters.

Anyway, it has many points can be doubted, but it provides a new way and represent a good trend. It’s hard to achieve it, but it’s possible to make effort to get closer to the goal.

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