That’s terrible but he was Asian too wasn’t he?
Hongrae Cho

Hi Hongrae, yes he was Asian. I wrote at the top that Asians are racist to Asians, and Chinese are racist to Chinese. Asians treat whites and others better than their fellow Asians.

And I also wrote that W. Kamau Bell was thrown out of a cafe, and caused a huge stir, and everyone was for him, and he got the employee fired. That’s because Bell is black, and everyone knows Black Lives Matter. But not Asian Lives. SF Human Rights Commission wouldn’t even hear my case and dismissed it without even investigating. They were rude, unyielding, and hurtful to me, too. That’s racism from a governmental discrimimation unit that’s supposed to fight against racism. How ironic.

In this city, you’ll only get support if you’re black or LGBT. Not if you’re Asian with a disability, etc. Very hypocritical, considering this city prides itself on “inclusiveness” and “diversity.” They celebrate and embrace some people and look down on and dismiss others.

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