Tips to Becoming a Better Writer — from a Terrible Writer
tom ayling

I’m a terrible writer because of anxiety (writing and otherwise). I post a lot online, but get zero to very few upvotes because they just don’t “hit” people fast enough. In the age of ADHD web reading, people are going to upvote or skip over your content based on how immediate it “hits” them. My writing tends to be too dense, with awkward syntax and sentence structure. So it doesn’t sink into people’s heads immediately, and they just skim/glaze over my writing.

I can’t fix it no matter what. I’ve always been a voracious reader, and I score like 100% on spelling/grammar/verbal tests. But writing is a different animal — it’s like, I have to be in the “zone,” but I’m usually not. Too self-conscious, too much anxiety.

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