Racism and lookism run rampant in SF and everywhere else. And it’s not just other races against Asians — it’s Asians against Asians, Chinese against Chinese.


The Eggettes on Noriega that cruelly threw me out — it did a Kamau Bell, but he got the employee fired, when Eggettes wasn’t punished at all.

BOYCOTT this shockingly discriminatory place. I’m shocked, hurt, and traumatized by being THROWN OUT OF THIS CAFE this afternoon. This is tantamount to when Kamau Bell, the black comedian, was “shooed” out of a Berkeley cafe because an employee thought he was a homeless guy peddling goods. Bell was actually showing his family and friends some books — he was far from a homeless person. The employee was fired because of that incident. Throwing someone out of a cafe when they fall under protected characteristics is a very serious and unacceptable thing to do.

Here’s what happened at Eggettes last time: I waited about 10 whole minutes RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE REGISTER, almost in the faces of the manager and his employee. But I was completely ignored, as usual. They just kept making stuff for others, while FAILING to acknowledge me at all, when I was right in front of them for 10 freaking minutes. I was thinking of leaving, but I wanted to get a hot drink because I was cold and hungry and needed to wait a long time outside for a bus ride home.

Finally, after I waited 10 minutes right in front of them, the employee coldly asked me, “What do you want?” I politeIy said that I was waiting in front of them for 10 minutes, but I wasn’t acknowledged until now. Then the manager barged in and rudely said, “We’re making stuff for other customers. You needed to wait.” I politely asked why they hadn’t seen me when I had waited patiently for 10 minutes in front of them. The manager got even angrier and said something about helping other customers first. I politely said, “I might not want to get anything here — it was hurtful that I was ignored for so long, when I was right in front of you.”

Then the manager cruelly barked, “Ok, then GET OUT. Don’t get anything here. Just LEAVE! We don’t want you as a customer.” He swatted his hands, cruelly motioning me to get out of his cafe.

Stunned, I dutifully obliged and left the cafe. I was cold, in shorts in the chilly Outer Sunset. I had come from a warmer part of city. I was shaking from trauma. I always get rude service, but this was one of the most overtly discriminatory and hurtful incidents I’ve suffered from.

I waited in a daze for the bus, cold, in shorts, and without a hot drink that would’ve kept me warm and comfortable. I had tears in my eyes. I continued to shake from the trauma of such cruel and unusual treatment. Thrown out of a cafe because I merely said, politely, that I had waited there for a while but wasn’t acknowledged? WOW.

Please BOYCOTT EGGETTES and all other locations if it’s the same owner/manager. The manager who threw me out spoke Cantonese to another customer, and he had a resemblance to the actor Daniel Wu and the director John Chu.

Their behavior was shockingly inappropriate, abusive, hurtful, traumatizing, and illegal. It is illegal to discriminate against anyone for protected characteristics — including refusing service at a business for no good reason.

This is one of the many articles about how W. Kamau Bell was asked to leave that Berkeley cafe, and he emphasized how it happens everyday: http://www.reporterherald.com/news/colorado/ci_27428080/berkeley-cafe-employee-fired-after-telling-comedian-w

Yes, it happens EVERYDAY — that’s the key takeaway you should get from this article. Bell had the star power and social media following TO MAKE THIS A BIG DEAL and GET THE EMPLOYEE FIRED. However, typical people — especially if they’re not black, LGBT, or under the hyped-about, much-beloved characteristics — WILL JUST SUFFER, WITH NO JUSTICE, if they get thrown out of a cafe. Google, and you’ll find Muslim women or someone who said the word “vagina” thrown out of a cafe!! The less your characteristics are overhyped, and the more they’re underacknowldeged, the less likely you’ll get any empathy, or any action taken if you’re discriminated against and refused service. Bell is lucky that’s he’s a famous comedian with a lot of fans already. But even if he weren’t, he’d still get plenty of support if he complains because he’s black, and we all know that Black Lives Matter.

But are they the only lives that matter? Just that and LGBT, Muslims — those are the only lives that matter in the Bay Area because of strong, vocal support. Others, like Asians, and people with some disabilities, get NO help whatsoever — you’re SUPPOSED to be cruel, abusive, bullying, condescending, and unfair to Asians. It all goes unpunished and unacknowledged if you’re Asian, disabled, etc.

Bell, are you listening? You’re friends with Kristina Wong and the like — but do you REALLY care when things happen to Asians who are not your friends?! Same thing happened to me — thrown out of cafe — I complained to the right agency, they dismissed it because I’m not black or LGBT. Thanks world!!

Stayed tuned for a lot more incidents,upcoming and former. This blog won’t die until racism ends, so I guess, never?!