How to Clear Workplace Clutter with the right Office Storage

March sees the arrival of Clear Your Clutter Day — an awareness day designed to help people clear their homes of unwanted clutter and put it to better use. There’s no reason why this same principle can’t be applied in the working environment, to help increase productivity and efficiency.

Workplaces are notorious for amassing clutter. Consider the number of people who use the same space, who come and go, whose roles change, or who leave for pastures new. Often it is not a case of one person messing up their workspace, so much as it is people piling their own rubbish on top of their predecessor’s. You might have started off with the right intentions but with poor office storage, a large workforce or high staff turnover, these good ideas may now be falling by the wayside.

Cluttered workplaces can lead to all kinds of problems, including:

· Misplaced items of importance

· Poor filing systems resulting in increased time to find anything

· Increased risk of accidents due to cluttered floor spaces and storage areas

· Dirty, dusty and unhygienic work space — due to the inability to clean properly around the clutter

· People being unable to do their jobs properly because they can’t find what they need

Constricted by Space? Try these Office Storage Ideas

The type of office storage systems you can install in your workplace will depend upon the amount of space you have available, the needs of your workforce and your budget. Generally speaking, most businesses will want the most cost effective solutions to meet their requirements, however, with limited space available, finding useful storage can be challenging.

Here are a few office shelving and storage systems that might help you tidy up your limited storage space:

Rotary storage units — more efficient than a conventional filing system, rotary storage units offer a space saving ratio of up to 12:1, ensuring you can fit everything in to a much smaller space. Featuring double sided cabinets and a 90% rotation, so that you can access either shelf face without having to move from your spot, these really are an ideal filing solution when space is restricted.

Mobile shelving systems — mobile shelving units operate on a track fitted to your office floor and slide open to reveal only the section you wish to access at the time — thus saving space. All units fit seamlessly, so there are no trip hazards and when closed, the storage system presents a very neat finish to help smaller workplaces appear clean and tidy.

Portable storage units — whilst at first it may not sound as though portable storage systems can help you save space, when combined with fixed, space-saving storage ideas, they may be very beneficial. Consider that a lot of the problem with limited space is allowing for people to get in and access storage, sometimes needing to disturb others at their desk to reach the desired shelves or cabinets. With portable storage units, such as tambour cupboards on a mobile base, the storage unit can be moved to meet the needs of individual workers or teams of workers, needing to access the stored items at a particular time. This avoids the need to have files and other items out on the surfaces and floors and it also saves time in unpacking and repacking before and after the job is completed. You simply take the cabinet over to where you are working and then wheel it back when you are finished.

By taking note of these space-saving office storage ideas you can help make your workplace more efficient and user-friendly.

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