Great Meme War 2017 #CNNBlackmail

We shall meme them on the harbors, we shall meme them on the lands and sea’s. We shall defend our shitposting whatever the price may be. we shall meme on the landing grounds. We shall meme in the fields and in the streets, we shall meme in the hills; we shall never surrender. Thus, the great Meme wars II has begun. Dems/CNN are ISIS. :D dems think their voters are stupid as shit in Project Veritas vid 3 Van Jones says Russian narrative is a nothing burger. Ahahaha! liberal student sentenced for democrat voter fraud/registering dead people to vote veritas exposes CNN as fake news! phil donahue can’t figure out how Trump won: blames white girls now for HRC loss. Didja know Bill Clinton is a rapist? hahaha! cenk has a total meltdown after ossoff loss.

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