Hi my name is Russell Luyt and I am from Canada.

Years ago I had an exercise and nutrition blog which got shut down because the site went under. Now, in 2017 I am starting this blog with another focus: sharing personal stories and perspectives that align with my values in order to regenerate Western Civilization. Also to act as a journal of sorts to share my experiences and to improve my writing skills.

I am fed up with the state of the fake and corrupt mainstream media. What ultimately led me to create this blog is the #CNNBlackmail bullshit where #FakeNewsCCN threatened to dox an anonymous Reddit user who dared to be creative and made the now infamous TrumpWrestling meme as a jest against CNN. The journey to authoritarianism proceeds one small step at a time, and this atrocious event is just the latest example. As individuals, we need to stand up, wake up and engage with truth and liberty. The Bible says that “the Truth shall set you free”. Jordan Peterson believes that the highest form of being is to Speak Your Truth. The American Constitution places Free Speech as its highest ideal. And yet these fundamental values are being eroded by the deplorable post-modern Marxists.

If no-one reads this, I don’t care because personal growth and transformation is more important than fame. However, if like-minded people stumble across my writings, I welcome you! In my academic career and from my experiences, I have found that the best way to share ideas is by telling stories. So let’s begin the journey!

Yours, Russell

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