“Bad Moms”

As one of the moms that was told no, I would like to say a couple things, maybe answer some of the questions floating around as well as inform you that WE ARE ALL TIRED OF THIS KIND OF ATTENTION. The attention that makes you sick because its so negative and hurtful.

This night was so well organized and coming together smoothly that we never saw something like this happening to destroy our well planned get-together. We (moms group) had around 50 people coming to this event (Bad Moms opening night) we had prepaid tickets, we all talked about things from what we were wearing to if it was okay to bring our newborns- since it was what we thought a no brainer, the replies were “bring that baby!” “nurse that baby” “we love babies, we are moms!” The exact question (which was from me) was “I might be the worst friend to moms on a massive date night but I am bringing my newborn. I can’t even leave her in the backseat without looking back a million times. Feel free to tell me to gtfoutta the theatre if y’all literally can’t even with me. :)” “y’all” as in the moms, “out of the theatre” as in into the lobby.
Before the event I was a nervous wreck full of anxiety, and wondering how she was going to act. I even tried thinking of reasons not to go, but I worked up the courage to push that aside and get out because I knew I needed it! I spend my days trapped in my room because I am afraid of stares if I cant get her to stop crying within a couple minutes. Its hard being a mom who has to take her boob out in public to feed her baby and then get told to make them sweat while eating so no one sees them nurse, its hard to make dinner while holding your baby, change, go to the bathroom,literally do anything because you have to care for your baby, make them comfortable, tend to their needs before yours. It took me 3 hours to put a dress on that would have spit up on it within 3 minutes and throw my hair in a bun. I turn down invite after invite to play dates because i don’t want to inconvenience anyone if she’s feeling fussy. I was tired of always say no to getting out of the house and a girls night in my head would be like finding pounds of free chocolate-minus the belly ache after, or so I thought.

When I arrived to the very packed theatre, I approached the ticketer? ticket ripper? doesn’t matter- he ripped the ticket and said “your movie is to the right, by the way you cant bring your baby” i looked at him saying “um” for a good uncomfortable amount of time for me. I was shocked, embarrassed, and very let down. He told me to go talk to customer service, so I did, as I was doing that the other mom walked in and I then informed her of what the deal was. After that, moms started coming out and speaking their mind, trying to let the staff know we all were moms and understand what to do when our baby needs attention-its common sense not to sit there with a screaming baby while people are trying to watch a movie, we will sit there with our boobs out so we can automatically make them happy babies, but wait! Our boobs cant be out? We cant keep them alive while watching a movie? Makes sense… When “no” wasn’t going anywhere, our group of moms were and one by one they walked out of the movie in solidarity.

My experience was uneasy,awkward,embarrassing- you name it. 
I felt as if I was in the twilight zone- since when cant a mother take her baby somewhere, its movie theatre, not a whore house. You’re a mom, you must not see daylight until your baby can wipe its own ass.. that’s what I need to live by, I guess. 
Yes the movie was rated-r but my baby is 4 weeks old, in a wrap, facing my chest, and asleep- where is the common sense?

With that being said everyones rude opinions about us breastfeeding, bringing our baby to an R-rated movie, or being a mom in general will go unheard by these moms from now on because its disrespectful telling us anything other than bravo for standing for what you believe (women’s rights). whether you believe it or not, you know it takes major balls (vaginas) to be the different in a room full of the same. This event has taken a huge toll on our emotions but its also made us stronger together as well as feel deeper about our opinions.

This is my personal experience, and my personal feelings. I have nothing more to say about it.