“Big Bad Wolf”

Remember when you were little and asking your parents for something was the most stressful thing you had to go through? Well, Landon has been going through this phase of asking me for something and if I say no, then he goes to ask his dad, which gets him in trouble EVERY-TIME. You’d think he would understand that it doesn’t work that way but he doesn't. Every time he does it, I ask him if he likes getting in trouble for something so small and he replies with “no, I won't do that again” but a couple hours later, he does.

I say this a lot “I'm convinced Landon has short term memory loss, or just gives zero shits about what we say.” After about the 278th time of him doing this we’ve decided that the next time he does it, we will cut his toes off, and move up from there. For real though, why doesn’t he just ask his dad to begin with?

When did I become the big bad wolf? when did Deric become the nice guy?
“You’re mean” why? because I want you to play with bugs and dirt, not on your iPad? He thinks “bugs are gross” pffffft, since when? I tell him stories of things that I did when I was his age to try and inspire him to use his imagination but that does nothing, he just says “times have changed”. Sadly, you’re right but bug are still here, and so is dirt, SO PLAY WITH IT! -im not mean-

What I'm trying too say here is that sometimes I feel like the evil stepparent when im not. Im caring. Caring about his health, his education, his growing brain, his ability to do great things with an imagination if only he lets himself. Sometimes we let ipads and tv get in the way of what kids CAN DO. I wish he understood that. I don't want to be the mean one. I want his dad and myself to be a team of mean ones ;).

Until we meet again, Brooklynn (the rad stepmom)

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