Don’t Do It…

When I hear of someone “fighting” for their rights to see their children, it makes me sick. When the child has no say in the decision of keeping them away from someone they love then it just makes me sad. Haven’t you heard of children saying I had no dad/mom in my life so now I have to deal with this and that? Do you want to be the reason your child says that? I wouldn't, and for what? Your own selfish reasons? Idiotic is all I can think of.

I grew up with divorced parents, I know the feeling of needing a dad but not having him there, it sucks. My dad didn’t live a very promising life but when he could be, he was apart of my life and I am very thankful for that. There were ups and downs, for sure but he was my dad. If my mom took him away from me, I would just be angry towards her. I remember saying things about not caring if my dad was here or not, that was a lie. I always cared, I always wondered, I always worried. It was enough stress to keep me up at night. I
would NEVER wish that upon a child, or really anyone for that matter.
People need to make their own decisions, if not, they will be come “lost”. If you are worried about characteristics, your child will figure that out on their own, but if you keep someone away then they will just grow up idolizing that certain person whom was kicked out of their life.
My dad has passed away and even though the stress of wondering is lifted off my shoulders I still regret certain things I did when he was here. Having him taken away from me unexpectedly has been tough, there will be no more memories to be made, no more calls to answer from him, no more even thinking “don’t forget to call dad.”
He was my dad for crying out loud, the man whose blood runs through my veins. If I was never allowed to see him, I would be a mess forever. I would wonder who he was, what he was like, if we had things in common, etc… Lucky for me, I got to know who he was, what he was like, and I saw all the things we had in common.
Not being allowed to see your parent? It’s the craziest thing i’ve ever heard. We need their love and they need ours. Don’t take that away.

I was asked to write for a friend who is going through this very heartbreaking time in their life. All he wants is his child.

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