I Am Proud To Be A Woman

Seriously, Women if you live with only men, you understand me!
I am saddened by the joy I get out of dog piling, or trying to punch each other really hard. My life is filled with nasty nose picking and dropping it on the floor, i’ve given up the fight to argue tissues. I, me personally have given up fighting for my womanhood to be stronger than the 2 men in this household! Why? I need my womanhood to live on!

I even used a man for my womanhood “power fist”

I live in my sports bra, I am not fully complaining about that but c’mon when do I get to wear the uncomfortable bras? OR SHAVE MY LEGS? When can I do the things I hate doing just to show that I am a woman who is keeping her womanhood strong?! Don't get me wrong, I like arm wrestling, getting dirty, and bleeding from my knees, but I also like being a woman and shaving my legs, dressing up, putting makeup on, and smelling pretty. When you sit and think about what your day to day activities are when you are the only female in your household, you wonder what it would be like with a household of just women, you probably wouldn't notice that in your Netflix it says “continue watching; Hell On Wheels, House Of Cards, SOA, and The Walking Dead” (PS. Cupcake Wars is also on there but thats also for the men) or you wouldn't catch yourself running and screaming because the main game thats played is scary monsters and tickle fights which always ends up with someone crying. You would have fun with the game; lets see who can hide the most flowers in their hair, and who can paint their nails the fastest though, right? See, I wouldn’t even know how to handle a household full of girls.

I sometimes feel left out, for example, this morning I asked if I was cool and I got told “No, you’re pretty though but girls can't be cool” I wanted to hammer-fist someone. I am cool. I can play football, I can beat you in an arm wrestling match, I can wear a dress and look pretty. I am convinced that I'm cooler. So, ha!

Then I thought what if I have a little girl one day, she can't grow up thinking she isn’t cool or she cant do certain things because she’s a girl. Thats insane! She has to grow up thinking she’s the most badass chick on this planet and I expect these boys whom I live with to be the reason she thinks that! So I need to keep my badassery on point for myself and my future fearless little girl.

I am proud to be a woman. I am proud to be a woman who lives with two boys and can handle anything thats thrown her way and let me tell you, its a lot. No matter whats said to me, I have a comeback, no matter what is done, I do it better. Im freaking awesome, I wont lie.

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