Let’s face it, we all get nervous when we are about to make the acquaintance of someone for the first time. But this someone was not just anyone, this was my boyfriend’s son. After 4 or 5 times of making excuses as to why I can’t come by before 7pm, I officially sucked it up and came by for dinner while said son was awake.

I’ve met him before this; It was at my nieces birthday party, we (Landon, his friend Demo, and myself) played bounce house basketball and I schooled them! Yes, I am bragging about beating a couple of 3 year olds in bounce house basketball. I remember a friend of mine; mother of Demo said “weird, Landon doesn’t talk to strangers” [it was fate.] But, meeting him as his dad’s girlfriend was strangely different.

Needless to say I. Was. Nervous!

I was Pacing, and talking to myself like I was about to walk onto stage and sing at the top of my very pitchy voice. I performed an air slap to my face [just so ya’ll know how crazy I am], and got into my car. As I pull into the driveway, my heart starts racing and I laugh at how ludicrous I was being while proceeding to the door. Landon says nothing, he doesn’t even look at me, I think to myself “This is awkward, yet relieving.”

We have dinner. It is something with vegetables because I recently told Deric I was a vegetarian and well, he’s a man [apparently men only know meat]. After dinner, we go for a walk. Not one word left Landon’s mouth; Well, that was easy.

We get home and Deric puts Landon to bed. This was a 20 minute process. I was downstairs, literally twiddling my thumbs because that’s what people do when they are alone, and awkward.

So *20 minutes pass* when I say “20 minutes” I mean, right when Deric comes back downstairs from putting Landon to bed. “Daddy! daddy! da-ddy!” Deric-::sigh:: “Im sorry, duty calls :)” I say bye and leave the casa.

Since Landon likes to take things slow, our relationship was no exception;

Fast forward a couple weeks and now he won’t. stop. talking. He is constantly asking Deric when I will come over next, his excitement is obvious; “Brooklynn! *runs and jumps into my arms* “Are you going to be here in the morning” is what he always said to me. Now, he wants to hold MY hand on our walks. Let’s just say, he’s slightly obsessed with me.

He has accepted me. He has accepted me.
& I have accepted him.

Until we meet again, Brooklynn (the rad step mom)