Life after death

If you follow this belief than I have something to tell you in regards to where we might be heading
Trapezium star cluster

The four bright stars your viewing are thousands of times larger than our rather yellow star. They reside 1500 light years from earth. The light your viewing left there around the time Islam was born Around the year 500bc

These stars exist within the Orion Nebula which is in the Orion Constellation

The pyramids appear to have taken some focus towards the Orion Constellation which makes one wonder why?

But if you as I believe what Mark Twain said, it doesn’t matter how far away or how long it will take us to get there, that’s irreverent because we will be dead.

So why would our soul travel here? The Hubble's Space Craft noticed an interesting thing when it was filming the Trapezium, there are planets being formed around these stars.

Could be a planet for Islam, a planet for Christianity and a planet for people of the Jewish faith a planet for nature without man. A planet for the indigenous people like the Incas and Apache, Mayan and Navajo for example. These are simply suggestions on how you could reside on planets that have days like centuries filled with nothing but perfect days without pestilence or sorrow. The light emanating from these stars is so bright we live and relive their in perfect health. The planet you will find me on is quite well know. It has tropical continents consisting of beautiful beaches with beach bars and night clubs and casinos. You live for thousands of our years in perfect health and enjoying every century day at your leisure.

We came here from somewhere in another life I think, nothing wrong with thinking about the next a bit , I don’t think

See you there

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