Orion's Nebula “The Trapezion”

Below Orion’s Belt from the Northern Hemisphere are two bright stars and in the center is the Orion Nebula. If you advance within the Nebula you willsee e four very bright stars that are called the Trapezion star constellation. These stars are thousands of times larger than our small yellow sun. Just one day around one of these sons takes around 865 years from a planet I’m focused on. Hubble space telescope spotted swirling bodies of dust circling around these stars, appearing like male sperm with a long tail.NASA is confident these are planets forming and circling these huge stars. Stars thousands of times larger than our yellow star. So much energy released, no pestilence , no disease, so much energy coming from these stars which we circle once every 865 Earth years. A long life divorced of the small energy experiences experienced revolving around a yellow star. These new planets that are being born, could have a planet for those of Muslim belief. A planet for Christians. A planet for indigenous people like the Apache, the Inca, the Sioux and the Mayan just to mention a few.

A planet for the Jewish faith and a planet for the Palestinians

But the one I like best is the one I’m going to spend my thousands of years. It’s tropical and consists of continents of beautiful beaches, beach bars, casinos, and dining clubs. A really long day and a long night, Let’s do it……

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