The great compurt

The 486 Computer

When computers became popular in our homes, if you had a 486 processor you were ahead of the 386 people. It was a fun time with 3.10 Windows installed. Know-one in my circle wanted an upgrade, just leave it here and we’re happy. Good luck with that !

When I had to go to the city on business my son would have me buy him an 8 mg RAM stick so that he could have 16 mg. of RAM. He told me yesterday that his cell phone has a 3 gig storage capacity.

I don’t believe I am alone in wishing technology had a mid range for us of the generation that watched it’s progression from the Commodore 64 and to where technology is today. wow

Certainly no lack of issues to be resolved in the modern world, not to mention colonizing Mars, cleaning up our environment and in general making life easier for us being that, that was their purpose in the first place.

God save the computer !

The good old days
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