Trash, coming to a beach near you!

I read today that Hong Kong was experiencing an abundance of trash originating in china. It’s origin as disturbing as it must be is a symptom of a larger problem. The plastic island of trash which has developed in the Pacific ocean is estimated to be the size of Russia.

What I find most alarming is the disinterest that appears to exist regarding dealing with what is a serious concern to all inhabitants of this planet. Our love of plastic which is being produced, used once and discarded is turning the planet into plastic. Proof being the analysis of numerous beaches containing beads of plastic which have broken down to be ingested by sea creatures as well as arriving on our beaches.

If we start putting the brakes on plastic production and force manufacturers to sift, sort and reuse plastic we could decrease the volume discarded. What that would translate to is higher costs to the consumers purchasing the end product which I think most would accept if you consider the alternative.

back in the 70’s we talked about the plastic world we lived in, which was related more to being “fake’, the new plastic world is something else altogether

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