Day 1- Zion National Park

Well, the first day is in the books. Approx 450 miles into our journey here we are in Zion National Park. Cristina, Jax and I have been here once before and I knew as soon as we arrived this was somewhere I would come back to. The scenery is breathtaking. The red rocks sprinkled with green contrast beautifully with a bright blue sky. I can comfortably say it is some of the most gorgeous scenery I have ever seen and definitely one of my favorite in the Grand Staircase.

This was a welcome spot to stop and camp after the grueling freeway miles on the way out. Thankfully there was only light traffic on the way out of LA and no rain untill I got here, only a little wind. Once arriving and grabbing a campsite, I picked from what was available and secured a spot in the middle. There were some amazing front row spots looking at the plateaus but they were also at the bottom of the hill… not fun if it starts raining heavily. Because it was raining I quickly put up the tent and got the rain fly on to keep everything dry to the best of my ability.

Now that camp is set time to grab food. Jumping back on the bike, I rode into town, grabbed a burger and headed back. I was able to enjoy the sunset on the canyon walls while talking to Cristina and eating making it a fulfilling end to a long day. Now it’s raining much harder and I am in the tent on my phone writing this. I wonder how the campers at the bottom of that hill are doing…

Thankfully I will be riding through the park on my way out so I won’t miss much by calling it an early night. Don’t get me wrong, you could stay here and hike for days but I am looking forward to twisty roads through the park tomorrow.

Time to listen to the rain and enjoy being outdoors in a tent. Goodnight, from Zion National Park in southern Utah.