Day 6- Duluth, MN

Camping in Mitchell was great. Not too cold, just right. I had another motorcyclist pull in on an 80s Honda Goldwing as I was getting set up. He had rode up from Indiana to visit South Dakota to get one good ride in before the weather got too bad. Nice guy who owns a fabrication shop near Indianapolis. They say “You meet the nicest people on a Honda” I would say that can still hold true.

I made my way down the interstate to hammer down the miles needed to get into Duluth at a reasonable time. I jumped off the interstate at one point to route through some two lane country roads to break of the monotony of the 90E. Getting off we came to a round-about which I enjoyed as it was the first curved road I had seen in hundreds of miles. The car in front of me had exited as well so I was following behind them at about the same speed onto the highway when a Minnesota State Trooper came out of nowhere right next to me with his lights on. He then swerved in front of me and proceeded to pull the cad in front of me over. I guess we will be going exactly the speed limit in Minnesota..

The rest of the ride was uneventful with some light rain before arriving in Duluth. Hotel for this evening and then to walk around downtown Duluth. Everything is closed because its Sunday but this town still has tons of cool old architecture. Sorry for not having too many pictures from today. So here is a picture of my dinner!

That’s the firehaus Burger. There is a burger under there. A fine suggestion for food from Josiah who travels to Duluth for work quite a bit.

Have a wonderful evening. I’m going to sleep.