10 Good Reasons To Learn Flutter

Flutter is now the most popular framework for cross-platform development and in the last 30 days, more than one in eight of the new apps in the Play Store are built with Flutter.


So, as you know Flutter is

an open-source UI Tooolkit by Google that empowers developers to build beautiful experiences across multiple platforms. With Flutter, you can use the same code base to compile apps directly into machine code for Android, iOS, web, desktop, or anywhere that you might want to paint pixels on the screen.

It’s the first UI platform designed for an ambient computing world. Traditionally before flutter, when building apps, the first decision you have to make is,“Where’s my app going to run?” With Flutter, you start from the experience you want to create and can shift to any device you want to target.

If you are wondering why you should even care about Flutter, then read ahead.

1. Single Codebase.

Single codebase means a single version of the application that runs for both iOS and Android platforms.
as flutter is a cross-platform framework. Now the designers and developers only have to focus on the creation of the single codebase for both platforms.
This saves a lot of time and effort in writing code for different platforms.

which also saves a lot on the overall costing of developing and launching the app.

2. Dart as Programming Language

Come to the Dart side-divinecoding

The apps made in flutter use Dart object-oriented programming language. Its notable features like garbage collection, a rich standard library, strong typing, generics, and async-await.
and in many ways, Dart is like java and uses a lot of popular features of the other languages too.
Dart is easy to learn because Google aims to create its products with a focus on expressiveness, cohesiveness, and agility. For some developers, Dart is similar to Ruby, while others find a resemblance to Java.

In all cases, Dart is extremely approachable, which makes it possible to learn it in a couple of days

3. Hot reload

This is a very Cool and Unique feature to Flutter, where you can see changes made to code instantly. Any updates are available to both the designers and developers in just a matter of seconds.

They do not have to wait for updates and can continue using the framework to develop other features with no interruptions.
This boosts the developer’s productivity and reduces the time to create a robust application.

4. Tech Community


What Flutter is also definitely appreciated for is its cohesive community, which includes both beginners and experts who are always ready to help, give good advice and provide good working examples of their own projects and templates.
Due to this friendly atmosphere, it is quite easy for a very wide range of stakeholders to master this technology(Flutter).

5. Create Apps for Mobile, Desktop, and Web

When you hire a Flutter app developer, you get the advantage of creating something that is highly adaptable. You can create applications for six different platforms simultaneously.
This includes different operating systems like Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, and Web.

6. Attracts More Investors

Attracts More Investors

MVP or (Minimum viable product)represents the basic functions and features of an application. An MVP that is built on Flutter is compatible across different platforms and provides a high-quality user experience.
This attracts a lot of investors and enables them to fund your project.

7. Mass migration of Programmers to Flutter

Mass Migration of Programmers to Flutter

In just one year Flutter became more popular than React Native — once the most popular platform. But how can it be useful for you?

First, you will get a huge stock of training materials and more qualified developers who will be ready to work on your

And secondly, the technology itself will keep growing and developing

8. Use of Customizable Widgets

Flutter app lets the developer build their widgets depending upon the need for the app. Everything developer design is a widget and is blended to make UI. Also, the layout is another addition that helps
to define the state, position, and size of widgets.

9. packages


The best part of Flutter is that it supports shared packages contributed by other developers to be used in the Flutter and Dart ecosystems. This ingenuity helps developers to quickly build an app without the need of developing things from scratch. Packages, just like libraries, help reduce development time. Packages also work on the ideology that-

“don’t try to reinvent the wheel” -Anthony J. D’Angelo

10. Beautiful design


Flutter was created on two powerful pillars: an excellent Dart programming language and a fast, high-performance graphics tool (Skia). This solution was very wise because it relieved the users from lengthy further searches.
The result is a great platform where developers with all levels of experience and qualifications can create applications using the right patterns and quality practices. With Flutter, you don’t have to worry about conflicting standards,
technical flaws or other common language imperfections.

Conclusion 🥳

There are lots and lots of reasons Flutter must be your first choice for developing your next Mobile Apps or Websites. The most experienced programmers will immediately notice all the advantages of this technology, even at the stage of acquaintance. But newcomers also have the opportunity to appreciate it, because the Web is full of cool examples and understandable learning materials.

Hope these 10 Reasons would help you make better choices for your Future and Career😊

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