Have you ever wondered what dominant Izabel was like? Well dont count on it for real because im a sub by heart.. But here we go

I call you to our room, once you get there i grab you by the collar of your shirt and start making out with tou. As we makeout i slowly move you back till youre standing by the bed. Im unbuttoning your shirt and take it off then I push you down onto the bed and get on top of you. I kiss you and tie your arms to the bed posts. I smile and wink at you. This is something youve never experienced before, but your enjoying it. I get off of you and slowly undress in front of you. I then get on top of you naked and kiss you more, i kiss your lips then your neck, then your chest all the way down to your jeans, luckily for me you arent wearing a belt today. I slowly unzip your jeans and pull them down. I look up at you and smile, as i kiss the base of your cock slowly. I kiss your thighs and above and right above your cock but im not touching it. I know what you want me to do. But im making you suffer. I then kiss the tip of your cock and begin gently sucking on it. I swirl my tongue around it slowly and look up at you. You wish you could just force my head onto your entire cock, but you cant. I lick from the base up then kiss the tip again. I then wrap my lips around you and slide you to the back of my throat. I go up and down a few times slowly. I hear you moan and i go a little faster and lick you as im doing it. I then get up and sit on your cock i lean over and kiss your lips. Im slowly rising and falling on your cock. Then i go faster. I grind myself against you. And rotate my hips around you. I moan loudly, we moan together my tits are bouncing.. Im going faster and faster. I lean in and bite your nick and kiss your lips as i continue fucking you. I untie your hands to grab my hips while im riding you. Finally you cum inside me. You moan. I feel your cock cumming inside me. I kiss your forehead. “That was fucking amazing” you say “i know” i respond. I then get off and we go make a homemade pizza naked in the kitchen

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