Its the middle of fall. Around 7 at night. We have the place to ourselves tonight. I have a plan for us. I went to the store and bought us tons of junk food. And got hooked up by bobby with some of that dank weed. Oh yeah baby. Its time. You come home from work. I had the day off. Youre feeling achey and poopy from your long day. I kiss you as soon as you come in. And sit you down on the couch. I already have a bowl packed for us. “Baby..” you say. “Dont worry we are going to have lots of fun tonight” i say. You look at me, i give you a wink. I make sure you hit it first. I hold it up for you and light. I tell you when to take a deep breath in. You take a big hit and start coughing a lot. I give you some water to soothe you throat and kiss you. It wont hurt for to long. I take a hit. I put it up to you again to take another one. Youre already feeling it and try to push away. “no baby come on finish this bowl with me” i say. You take another hit. We keep going till the bowl is gone. Im feeling it slowly. Youre already tripping. I look at you. “I love you daddy” “I looove you too babyyy” you laugh a little. I kiss you. And pull back you look at me and kiss me passionately but a little more sloppy then when youre sober. I put my hand on your cock..youre hard. You put yours under my shirt. I take it off for you. We keep kissing and i unbutton your pants. It takes us a while but eventually we are naked. I get up.. and you start to to but i tell you to sit. I get on my knees in front of you and suck your cock. “Holy shit” you say. I deep throat you and look up at you. Youre head has gone back your eyes are closed and youre moaning. I then get up and sit on your cock. You open your eyes and look at me. Your eyes are bloodshot. “youre high as fuck” “Im fucking high” you say. “I love you so muchh” “I love you too” Im slowly grinding on you. We begin kissing. You tell me to get off and lay down. You then get on top of me and we have the most amazing high sex ever. We both moan like crazy. You then begin to go faster. And you cum deep inside me. “I love you so fucking much” you say. “I love you daddy.” “i wanna make you cum too” you get in front of me and spread out my legs and kiss my pussy. You then lick me. I adjust your head a bit so youre touching the right spot. In a few minutes i cum and scream of pleasure. You know ive finished but keep going cause youre fucking high. I push you off a little. And look at you and kiss you. “Im really hungry” you say. “i know me too” i say. I go to the kitchen and bring out a whole bunch of snacks and soda and beer. Youre eyes light up. I giggle and we sit there being pigs and eating our food. And we decide to watch the wall. We both pass out. And i wake up in the morning in your arms on the couch. I kiss you. And fall back asleep. We had a great night.