Uncertainty — To fear or not to fear!

As 2015 comes to an end, I am spending some time introspecting about the best things that happened to me during the year. No milestones achieved, however, the most gratifying thing that happened to me was me “embracing uncertainty”!

Many may perceive uncertainty as undesirable, a deterrent to success, stressful and a not-so-good thing to experience. But for me, uncertainty has, in a lot of ways, brought out the best, both professionally and personally.

There are two ways to look at it. One is being completely overwhelmed by uncertainty to the point that you just don’t want to deal with it anymore. And the other is, trying to figure out how you can experience it in a way that drives you to unravel and discover a multitude of emotions you never knew you could feel — vulnerability, anger, happiness, self-pity, courage, anxiety, hopefulness, fear — it’s like a sinusoidal wave that puts you on a high and brings you down spasmodically.

But isn’t that exciting? It’s hard to comprehend how I feel about being in the most uncertain phases of my life and yet feel so good about it!

Why? Because these emotions stimulate a thought process that combines my visceral instincts and intellectual curiosity..while letting me revel in the joy of the unknown!

This for some reason has made me take some risks. At 26, I feel liberated at the thought of pursuing an idea, a childhood wish, a directionless travel expedition, an experimental career move and a lot of other things I wouldn’t have had the courage to pursue earlier because of unforeseen consequences.

In one of the Ted Talks I recently watched, I was inspired by what the speaker said, “Being open to uncertain outcomes and taking risks creates opportunities for unexpected discoveries.”

There is a certain joy in not knowing what’s coming. Learning to love the unknown, being at ease with it and allowing myself to discover stuff I wouldn’t otherwise, is what I’m taking with me into the new year! :)

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