No Selfies Allowed, 14 Rules For Meeting A Musician

“No Selfies!” Too bad county star Sam Hunt insisted we take one!

If you’ve never experienced a meet-and-greet with a band or musician I’m going to put a damper on the “backstage pass” idea. Most times when people hear “backstage pass” they think it involves hanging out with the band one-on-one, kickin’ back and sippin’ drinks, and alike. That’s not usually how it is. In fact, that idea is misleading 90% of the time.

A typical meet-and-greet goes like this:

  1. Arrive to designated waiting area.
  2. Wait for meet-and-greet start time.
  3. Wait some more.
  4. Wait even longer.
  5. Meet tour manager/event coordinator.
  6. Learn the rules. (i.e. no smart phones/no cameras. Sometimes even “no touching of any kind unless artist(s) does it first.)
  7. Wait some more.
  8. Meet the artist briefly. (A few minutes.)
  9. Pose for a picture, usually taken by the artist(s) people.
  10. Thank the artist/band.
  11. Leave meet-and-greet area.
  12. Wish you had said something or asked a specific question.
  13. Hope the picture actually turns out.
  14. Continuously search online for meet-and-greet photo for hours, days, weeks, or even months.

Some meet-and-greets can really pay off and land you more time with the musician, and even get you on the bus! The best part is, you don’t have to be a smokin’ hot groupie to make it happen. I’ll tell you ways to increase those chances in a later blog.

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