Our Top 5 Favourite Drones

You gotta admit, drones are really big business these days. Hell, there the kites of the future right? So we decided to take a look and let you know what we think are our best models right now. Here’s a list of our favourites:

The DJI Mavic Pro
Unveiled to the world in 2016, the Mavic Pro was a great answer from DJI to the GoPro Karma. A truly portable drone this model actually folds up to be a big as a small water bottle, while boasting a 4k camera and obstacle avoidance technology.

  • Some of its incredible features include:
  • Tracking modes such as following the user and returning home
  • Small, sleek and portable controller
  • Powerful mobile phone apps to offer further features
  • 4K camera with gimbal (keeps camera still)

The Mavic is truly a breath-taking gadget that has successfully taken the high-end beast drone design and turned it into a truly portable experience.

Tiny Whoop Makerfire
As small as the Mavic is, if you really want to talk tiny then look no further then the Makerfire racing drone. This mini quadcopter is actually very robust due to its ducted fan design, but it gets better… This drone comes with a pair of FPV Goggles so you can see the world through the eyes of your drone!

Some of its amazing features include:

  • Ultra tiny AIO 25mW Camera
  • Compatible with other FPV Goggles such as the FatShark Brand
  • Super powerful 17500kv Special Sauce motors
  • Ducted fan design which works well indoors or other small spaces

As you can see the Makerfire is a truly portable drone. It is used quite often for drone racing and we feel it’s a great option for a first timers drone purchase.

A lesser known company called CEEWA has also decided to throw their hat into the ring and built a pretty darn impressive drone. This is a drone geared towards those of you who are more into fitness. This drone not only follows you, folds away and tracks a user’s movement, but can even be controlled with its own sports wrist watch.

Some of its impressive features include:

  • Amazing auto-follow modes
  • Can be controlled via receiver, mobile app, follow module, and wrist watch
  • One button take off and return home with route planning functionality
  • 16-megapixel SONY IMX206 camera that supports 4K video

So the next time you are about to go for a run just remember that you now have the option to record the whole thing from a birds-eye view via your sports watch controlled CEEWA drone, talk about badass.(psst we sell this drone by the way)

Go Pro Karma
Yep, I’m sure you saw this coming seeing as it was mentioned a few times throughout the list. The GoPro Karma is as it says on the box a GoPro camera (which is already awesome) that now flies! This awesome gadget lets you stream your flights to a friends device so they can watch along with you. Along with this, you can also use different powerful GoPro cameras that best suit your location and likewise detach the camera and have standard GoPro product.

Some of its incredible features include:

  • Portable compact design
  • Super cool gaming-style flight controller
  • The Karma Grip to hold your GoPro on and off the drone
  • Comes with its own high-end carry case with shoulder strap

Easy to control, easy to shoot high altitude shots and easy to carry, what’s not to love? The Karma effortlessly makes our list.

DJI Phantom 3
We know your typing “WHAT ABOUT THE PHANTOM 4, ARE YOU CRAZY!”, No of course the 4 is better we are simply saying the 3 got the ball rolling. We wouldn’t have a playstation 4 without the 3 right? the Phantom 3 has in our opinion set the standard for high-end drones and showed everyone just how far this technology can go. Even though it has been around for awhile, it still delivers on an amazing drone flying experience and will go down in the history of flying models. With an awesome camera, powerful apps, and smooth stable flight this drone is a favourite for anyone.

Some of its brilliant features include:

  • Enhanced propulsion design for great stability when flying
  • Powerful mobile apps and quick video editing software for your recordings
  • 2.7K HD Camera capable of taking incredible 30FPS video and 12mp photos
  • The ability to Youtube Livestream during flight!

As you can see this drone holds up amazingly well and still outshines most new models released today. You just have to utter the DJI Phantom and any RC model enthusiast will know what you’re talking about.

That concludes our list of top 5 drones, this really isn’t in order of best to least-best as we feel all models are great and if you can do it, why not pick up all of them. Why not tell us about some of your favourite drones in the comments below. Thanks for reading, sign up to our mail list to be notified of future articles.