1.Business Model

InsureX charges a commission on transactions being executed on the marketplace and an annual subscription for memberships. As the InsureX community grows the transaction volumes will increase and new products and services will be available. By using blockchain technology the marketplace will be of interest to any participant in the insurance industry

2. The InsureX Platform

The InsureX marketplace is primarily for institutions such as insurers, reinsurers and brokers. Bringing these participants together directly results in an efficient, cost-effective and transparent marketplace.


The InsureX architecture is a highly scalable and robust combination of the latest technology advances in blockchain, UX and server side approaches.

4. Target Audience

InsureX marketplace is for participants of the insurance industry and the core benefit to our users will be the ability to search and match the various needs as an insurer or reinsurer.

● Reinsurer. Buy insurance programs or selling i.e. retrocession insurance.

● Insurers. Sell insurance products to reinsurers i.e. risk transfer.

● Brokers. Provide tailormade structures and other services.

● General Companies. Companies who wish to insure their goods, property or people will be able to join the platform.

Structure of Crowdsale

●Crowsdale will start on July 11 and end 31 July
●Crowdsale Pool: 100,000,000 IXT
●Available: 30,000,000 IXT
●Minimum Goal: 2.222 ETH
●Maximum Target: 88.888 ETH
●1 ETH = 1,125 IXT


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