Workers Compensation Comparison Tool Launches

Finding the information you need to make an informed decision about your workers’ compensation insurance isn’t always easy. Most are at the mercy of their broker, who may not check the rates of every carrier offering policies for your industry. How do you know if you’re getting the best possible rate from the best possible carrier if you can’t see all the options?

That’s why we’ve created the first comprehensive workers’ compensation quote tool. Available at, the new tool allows you to compare workers’ compensation quotes from every major carrier who has published a rate. Simply enter your classification code and experience modifier and you’ll receive a full list of every carrier with their published base rates and the adjusted rate using your ExMod.


Workers Comp Quoter works by pulling from the large database of workers compensation quotes published by the State of California every year. It collates, organizes and produces a table of the rates that are applicable for your business only, allowing you to quickly and easily compare the rates offered by top insurers in the state.

Currently the Workers Comp Quoter only works for California, so you’ll only need to enter your Classification Code and ExMod. If you’re unsure about either of these, you can look up your class code from a link on the homepage and the tool will assign no experience modification to get your adjusted rates.

Once you submit your data, you’ll receive a detailed table that breaks down Insurance Carrier names, territories, base rate, net rate with ExMod and the effective date of those rates based on publication.

Whether you’re interested in comparing rates for workers’ compensation insurance or are interested in knowing whether your current policy’s rate is good compared to others in the industry, the Workers’ Comp Quoter is a powerful tool you’ll want to use to evaluate your options.

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