5 Tips To Follow When Setting Up A Mobile Commerce Store

Jun 12 · 2 min read

Advancement in smartphone technology has enabled online shopping to become a booming trend in recent years.

Without getting out of bed, people can trade and buy what they want from all over the world just with their phones. It’s safe to say that mobile commerce has arrived big time!

Mobile commerce is a growing phenomenon and is slated to transform the way people interact with products and consume them.

Mobile commerce or mCommerce picks up on eCommerce and instead of browsing a retail brand’s eCommerce website on the desktop, mCommerce enables customers to view and buy products directly through mobile devices.

A 2019 report indicates that mobile Commerce accounts for over 45% of eCommerce. The same report predicts that nearly 54% of all US retail eCommerce will be mobile Commerce by 2021.

To capitalize on the predicted success of mobile commerce, several promising mCommerce builder apps such as Taobao have been launched.

This enables merchants to build their mCommerce business on them. However, only setting up your store and operating it through a mobile device does not mean that you are ready to start the business.

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