6 creative ways you can use a domain name for personal branding

From social recruiting to social influence, today personal branding is more crucial than it ever was. For job seekers or individuals looking to grow their client base, it is even more essential to have a strong personal brand that stands out in comparison to others. In a world where personality and skills are valued a lot more than educational degree, everyone must invest in building their personal brand that will empower them to position themselves more better.

Here are 6 innovative ways of using a domain name for building, enhancing and maintaining your brand online:

1) Brand your LinkedIn profile

Your LinkedIn profile is perhaps your biggest reference point when it comes to job opportunities. With just a link you can give details of your work experience, recognitions, achievements and a lot more. However, including a long social media profile can be confusing and awkward. Instead, you can pick a domain name which is memorable and crisp. Take, for instance, rsmith.site or ashleymeadows.space, which redirect to the users’ respective LinkedIn profiles. At a later stage, you can develop the same domain name into a website that showcases your work portfolio in a more extensive manner.

2) Bring all your links at one place

Give a sneak peek into your life to anyone by just sharing a single link. Whether it’s your social media links or Github and Devpost profiles, gather them all at one place on a website. This way, all you need to do is include your domain name in your email signature, visiting card, etc. For example, www.4kshay.tech is an attractive single web page that gives link to the site owner’s social profiles as well as his Github and Devpost link. The domain name conveys that the owner belongs to the tech space, a classic way to use a domain extension that’s most relevant to one’s industry.

3) Create a futuristic resume

Another impactful way to enhance your online presence is to build a virtual CV with added information about your work portfolio or relevant links. Consider www.paulasresume.tech; the domain name conveys that it is owned by Paula, who is a technology professional and that her resume can be accessed at this website. This kind of branding goes a long way in building a great first impression on the recruiter as well as other professional contacts. Also look at daniellewilson.online, an impactful and futuristic resume of a writer.

4) Enhance your social persona

With a host of new domain extensions that you can choose from today, you have a chance to give out a message with your website address! For example, www.thisis.fun, a website address that conveys a message about you or what you do. This domain name redirects to the user’s Instagram account. This is especially beneficial for social media influencers who have to consistently work towards brand building and growing their fan base.

5) Get a branded email address

Your email ID says lot about you! Make sure you use an email id that makes you seem professional and evolved. For example, acquiring firstname@lastname.tech or me@firstname.space is an extension of your virtual persona and makes for a memorable email address too!

6) Create your work portfolio

If you are in the creative field, you need to showcase your work to your potential clients and recruiters. With a creative domain name, you can do so by sharing just one link! For instance, .SPACE is a popular extension for photographers, designers, writers, teachers, stylists, freelancers, dancers, art curators or anyone in the creative field. Consider, kbwats.space, a multimedia storyteller’s portfolio and willpaterson.space, a hand lettering expert and designer’s portfolio. Creating such websites are also great for getting found online organically. Visitors can directly contact the artist and explore collaborations.

So, invest in a domain name that empowers your digital presence and gives you a memorable online persona for building a great first impression in your professional endeavors.