Hire An eCommerce Marketing Agency Vs. In-House Marketing Team

Aug 13 · 2 min read

This is a situation every eCommerce business has to face at some point in the business lifecycle.

Consider a situation where perhaps you already have an eCommerce marketing agency working for you but you are considering switching to an internal marketing team to save costs.

Or maybe you are thinking about utilizing both for different marketing projects.

Well, the decision is certainly not easy and based on multiple factors like cost, skill, innovation, and ease of communication at the least.

Various pros and cons associated with both the choices determine if the scale tips towards your in-house team or hiring an external eCommerce marketing agency or maybe both.

Still confused?

To assess your best options start by clearly defining your organization’s marketing goals.

Weigh them against your in-house team’s strengths and weaknesses (that is if you have one or you are thinking of building one).

If it suffices your requirements, you are good to go. If not, you require external expert help.

Even , a global network of digital marketing agencies itself utilizes a team of in-house marketers supported by numerous eCommerce marketing agencies.

The external agencies support during supplementary marketing execution.

It turns out that there is no right or wrong then!

Let’s closely look at 7 key business aspects that will guide your decision-making process when comparing in-house marketing teams against hiring an eCommerce marketing agency.

7 Business Aspects To Consider When Comparing Hiring An eCommerce Marketing Agency Vs. In-House Marketing Teams

#1: Company’s Culture, Vision, and Mission

#2: Skill Sets

#3: Changing Technologies

#4: Communication & Availability

#5: Urgency

#6: Creativity

#7: Cost

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Originally published at https://get.store on August 13, 2019.


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