You, yes you, need a domain name on a new extension; and here’s why!

What has your brand’s web address got to do with its branding, marketing and customer acquisition? A lot, actually.

From new product launches to specific marketing campaigns, brands are investing heavily in building a strong digital persona. Each new campaign has its own website and each new launch has its own landing page. However, finding a .COM name of your choice is not easy. You might spend hours searching for a keyword-rich website address only to find ‘that domain name is already taken’. As a result, you end up compromising, settling half-heartedly for less attractive name that doesn’t quite hit the spot or working backwards to name your campaign or launch basis a .COM name that is available, mostly with a misspelled word.

The internet namespace, though, is evolving. Today there are over 1200 domain extensions to choose from, opening up a plethora of creative opportunities for brands to pick short, brandable and memorable domain names. Brand managers are now spoilt for choices since they have .FUN, .ONLINE to .STORE, .SPACE to even .WEBSITE or .SITE!

Take, for, instance domain extension .TECH. For brands in the tech space, this is extremely relevant. Viacom has launched its technology website on, a smarter choice over

There are industry specific domain names too like .FASHION, .SHOES, .HOST, .DENTAL, and .PRESS. So businesses in news aggregation or publishing can now get a .PRESS domain — a logical choice when it comes to conveying more with less.

Recently, an American media conglomerate, Meredith Corporation, made news when it announced that it has moved its online magazine store to Meredith acquired this premium domain name because it understood the value of owning a web address that is memorable, brandable and, what the insiders call, a category killer. Popular website, Urban Dictionary, launched the Urban Dictionary store on, a name that clearly conveys what the website is all about. Freedom of the Press Foundation, which has Edward Snowden on its Board of Directors, has as its official web address — a classic extension to their cause of protecting adversarial journalism. Other examples of brands using new domain extensions are, world’s largest tech conference,, the prototype of a free and unrestricted society in outer space and, the Dubai based airline’s official store.

Thus, the new domain extensions open up huge branding and marketing opportunities for brands who wish to make a statement right from the start. A business hoping to share its work culture or fun side can launch a site on or a brand wanting to engage the tech community can create a platform on to establish a connect with its target audience. For example, pioneering tech influencer,, is actually a Youtube page with 1.25 mn subscribers!

Great for personal branding too

From social recruiting to social influence, today personal branding is more crucial than it ever was. For industry professionals and CXOs working towards building a strong digital presence, it is even more essential to have an impressive personal profile in the virtual space. With new domain extensions, one can reserve a ‘firstname’ on the left side of dot with a suitable domain extension and use it in a multitude of ways.

One can either link it to their social media profiles; say LinkedIn or Twitter. Or create a web page which provides a link to all of their work. Consider; the domain name conveys that it is owned by Paula, who is a technology professional and that her resume can be accessed at this website. This kind of branding goes a long way in building a great first impression on the recruiter as well as professional contacts. With domain name, you can also get a branded email address for yourself. Branded email ids go a long way in making a great first impression when interacting with someone online.

So what are you waiting for? Get a domain name on a new extension that defines you or your business; and work towards building an exceptional and memorable online persona.

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