A journey back in time

Today I was tidying up my room (not a very tedious process as I am quite an organised person) I found a few bags from the days when I was in college. It was like I went four or five years back in time. I found an mp3 player, a few coins … some assignment papers, a few badges from forums and clubs I participated in. I wondered what happened since then? What is different?

So much is different in the world, that I can assure you. But I am not sure much has changed in me. I am still that person who yearns for something I cannot find. Not where I am anyways. I am not looking for anything in particular. Yet there is always something amiss. I think we all feel that our lives are incomplete; we look for more. More friends, more children, bigger income, better jobs, more … time? I think that is what I yearn for most. More time. More time to be a child amongst the family and many friends that surrounded me. I think people like me, suffer in this world. We find it hard to let go of the people we yearn most for. To move forward. I wonder if that is possible sometimes.

Yet with all that has passed, what lies ahead is an unknown path. Perhaps I wonder, if we all pictured our lives as some kind of adventure .. we wouldn’t worry about things the way we do sometimes. As we take pleasure in the norm, we must learn to move forward. To let go.

“Tis grace has brought me safe thus far, And grace will lead me home” -J.Newton

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