Meet the Koreans — the ‘Who’s Who’ of Korean Overwatch, AF Red & MVP Infinity

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We are already nearly a month deep into APEX, a tournament featuring twelve Korean and four Western squads, but we have more than two weeks to go until the group stage is finished. I took the opportunity to do a sort of power ranking in which I look at the teams’ recent performances and history as well as what might await them in the near future.

The squads are divided between several tiers that are explained below, but the order of listing within a tier is completely arbitrary.


The teams in this tier will likely be able to retain their spots in APEX either by finishing third in the groups or by wins in the promotion/relegation tournament. The squads listed here have some, if little redeeming qualities to them, and if they hope for more than simply staying in the third iteration of OGN’s APEX, they’ll need to rebuild with broad strokes in the offseason.

Afreeca Freecs Red in the studio booth. Photo credits: OGN

Afreeca Freecs Red:
Current record: 0–2

Support: Dayfly, Navi, QuaterMain
Tank: LagerMan, tAkethis
DPS: attune, TyDolla

As AF Red is one of the older teams in Korean Overwatch, it entered into APEX’s second season with a decent (but unreasonable, in the opinion of the author of this piece) amount of hype behind it. While they have some skilled individuals their biggest problem right now is the lack of diversity in any sense. Regardless of the map and whether they are on the offense or the defense, the players on AF Red have been playing the same heroes for the most part. That might be enough to defeat teams like MVP Space, Flash Lux or even CONBOX, but unfortunately for them, they got drawn in the toughest group of the tournament.

The squad will very likely be able to requalify for APEX’s third season, but if the players hope to achieve better results, they’ll have to work on their individual versatility and hero pools.

Players to watch: TyDolla.

MVP before a match is just about to begin. Photo credits: OGN.

MVP Infinity:
Current record: 0–2

Support: Undine, Sylph
Tank: Brek, WhyNot, Bianca **
DPS: OneFact, EasyBro

The 0–2 record for MVP is slightly deceiving as they gave both Meta Athena and EnVyUS a good run for their money — quite literally, as you win an amount of money for every match in APEX. They coordinate well and are able to play on a decent level on a variety of maps, but their problem is the lack of firepower. In that sense, they are very much a less skilled, Korean version of Fnatic.

At this point, they have no hopes for reaching the playoffs, but if some of the players can improve their individual level, they’ll have realistic chances for a Ro8 finish in the next season.

Ro8 locks:
KongDoo Panthera, Meta Athena, KongDoo Uncia
Almost made it, but remain alert: Lunatic-Hai, LuxuryWatch Blue
Flawed gems: Afreeca Freecs Blue, Runaway
Salvagable… in theory: Afreeca Freecs Red, BK Stars, MVP Infinity
We don’t talk about those: CONBOX Spirit, Flash Lux

**a substitute player.

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